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Oct 20, 2021

Rob and Josef talk about some Twitter controversy over founder extravagances, and the difference between, say, personal chefs at work used for recruiting, vs. buying a used fishing boat with your profits.

Jonathan Treble joins and talks about his path from Wharton grad to startup employee to Founder/CEO of PrintWithMe. He also talks about building his company, and the practical milestones he set. His advice for founders who are fundraising? 

1. Optimize for control over valuation when negotiating at early stages.

2. Validate with the smallest team that you can, because, really, more money means more problems. 


He also talks about team building, which is something Jonathan excels at. They use the “Culture Index” to guarantee culture fit, which is incredibly important. He talks mistakes, onboarding, and recommends two books that created his own foundation for recruiting: 

Who” by Geoff Smart and “Recruit Rockstars” by Jeff Hyman 

Who does Jonathan see executing? Orazio Buzza of Fooda, Inc. 

“No one ever hits their startup projections, but he actually does. He is the best executor that I’ve ever met.”